Cyberflix TV APK 3.3.0 | Free Movies and TV Series APP [2021]

Cyberflix TV APK is one of the best platforms to watch high-quality movies and TV shows.

This app has become a global trend because it released the latest movies and tv shows as they are released.

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Further Cyberflix Tv Apk can be installed on various types of devices such as Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Smart tv, tv box, PC, and Mac.

What Is Cyberflix TV APK?

Advancements in technology that have occurred over the years have made it easier to develop software and applications.

Therefore, it has allowed you to access movies and tv shows for entertainment purposes in different ways.

Among the apps that have come out as a result of these advancements in technology, Cyberflix tv Apk is a unique concept that enables its users to watch high-quality movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere.

This app is one of itskind, the reason being that it solves all your needs for video entertainment.

It is compatible with Android smartphones and TVs. Because of this compatibility, the demand for Cyberflix has grown tremendously, and its users are actually enjoying the experience.

Some of the best alternative apps for Cyberflix Apk is that Unlockmytv and Cinema Apk. The reason is that they also have similar features as Cyberflix App.

Why Should You Choose Cyberflix Apk?

Once you install Cyberflix Tv Apk, you will be able to download movies and tv shows and watch them later at your convenience.

Further, you can also turn on notifications to get the signals whenever a new series, movie, season, or episode is uploaded.

Cyberflix Tv App has 3rd party advertisements on it. However, it does not show the annoying ads as some other applications do.

The app offers a vast collection of movies and shows that the user can choose from So that you will have more choices to entertain yourself.

Cyberflix App will alert you whenever a brand-new movie or series is released if you turn on the notifications. You can also turn off alerts if you wish.

The app offers high-quality videos.  One of the reasons for that is because Cyberflix tv Apk supports Real Debrid, which facilitate the streaming of high-quality videos.

Cyberflix is compatible with other video players such as VLC player and MX player among others.

One of the main feature in this app is that it available for absolutely free of charge, and you do not require to pay to get the app.

The only con that we can notice with this app is the fact that it is not available in the play store, but you do not have to worry about that because you can get it from this website.

This app has a stunning user interface. so that you will not get bored when you are operating this appplication.

Also, it makes you like so easier as you can find out your favorite movies and tv shows in few seconds.

Cyberflix TV Android Package Information

Download Cyberflix TV Apk

Are you looking for an application(s) that will help you stream movies as soon as they are released?

 You are in the right place. Click the link here to download the Cyberflix App to watch an unlimited number of free movies and tv shows.


How to Download and Install Cyberflix?

cyberflix tv apk download image

Since you are here, you should not worry about how to download Cyberflix.

To download Cyberflix Apk, follow the below download button. For some reason, you will not find this app on google play store.

After you have completed downloading the app, it will prompt you to install it, follow the guidelines to install.

How to Download and Installl Cyberflix TV APK for Android?

Step 01

Firstly, head over to your Android Settings menu. Then go to “Securities sub option and find the “Apps from unknown sources” feature and make sure that you have checked it.

enabling unknown sources in android to install cyberflix tv apk

Step 03

After that, you can simply download the apk file from this website and install it on your Android device

you can follow the same process to install Cyberflix apk on Android smart tv, TV box, Nvidia shield and Roku

Step by Step Guide to Install Cyberflix TV on Firestick

Step 01

Click on the Settings tab on your Firestick home screen

firesticks settings screen

Step 02

There, you have to find My Fire TV option

my firetv option

Step 03

Then, go to the Developer options

developer options

Step 04

After that you have to switch on the “Apps from unknown sources”

enabling apps from unknown sources to get the cyberflix tv apk on Firestick
turn on

Step 05

Now you have to download a Side-load app. so type “Downloader” on the search bar

searcg bar

Step 06

Click on the side-load app icon on the search results to open it

side-load app

Step 07

Then, download it and open it

opening side-load app

Step 08

Hit “ok”


Step 09

Again, click on “Allow”


Step 10

Now you have to enter the below exact URL on the side-load app to download the Cyberflix tv apk on your Firestick Device.

enter the cyberflix tv apk download URL

Step 11

Allow downloading process to complete

cyberflix download in progress

Step 12

Now, click on “Install”

install command to install cyberflix apk

Step 13

Delete setup files


Step 14

Confirm to delete those files


Step 15

Thats All. Now you can see the successfully installed Cyberflix TV App on your Firestick Apps list.

How to Install Cyberflix on PC and Mac?

Step 01

Firstly, you have to get an android emulator installed on your computer. For this example, we use Bluestacks emulator

bluestacks home

Step 02

Download the Apk file from this website and put in to the Android emulator

browse apk

Step 03

That all basically you have to do. then follow the on-screen instructions to comple the Cyberflix App installation on your Pc or Mac

Cyberflix for iOS Devices

Regrettably, none of the Cyberflix versions is officially supported by iOS devices.

That does not mean that those with iOS devices are locked out from using this fantastic application for downloading and streaming movies.

If you really want to get Cyberflix tv apk on your ios device, you may consider something called Jailbreak.

However, it involves various types of risks, so you have to take them into account before you make a decision.

Similarly, you can as well as try other alternatives to Cyberflix to use on your iOS device.

Cyberflix Features

Cyberflix is the ideal application to download and stream movies and TV shows.

It brings you high-quality video contents in Full HD 1080, 720p and 360p. So that will have a real movie theatre experience at your home.

Whenever Cyberflix tv apk requires to be updated, there will be an alert to show you that the app requires an update.

Therefore, you will always be up to date with the latest improvements and bug fixes.

Popular media players integration ability will give you extra comfort when it comes to using video playing options.

Because, many people want to use their favorite media players such as MX player as they are familiar with the video playing options.

W all know that there is an uncountable number of apps and platforms that allows the users to watch movie and tv shows for free of charge.

However, most of them have not been able to provide consistent service as you compare it with the Cyberflix Apk.

So that, there is a higher chance for Cyberflix tv apk to become your last installed streaming app.

The media library of this app is so massive that you will need years to watch them all.

Multi-language subtitles support will give you the option to watch foreign-language movies in your local language.

Therefore, you do not have to skip awesome foreign-language movies just because you do not understand the language.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyberflix Password?

If you are asked to provide a password, please use “1112”

Is Cyberflix TV down?

No. Cyberflix apk works better than ever.

How to fix cyberflix Apk not working issue?

Please update the app or re-install it.

How to update Cyberflix tv application?

You will get automatic updates. you can also visit this page to get latest updates

How to fix Cyberflix no data issue?

The issue is no longer exist. therefore you do not have to worry about that

Is cyberflix App illegal?

The kinds of free streaming services are allowed in many regions.

Do i need vpn for cyberflix?

You do not necessarily need a VPN . however, it is always recommended to use a VPN to protect your data privacy.

Can i view Imdb rated movies on Cyberflix?

Yes. you will have a separate section in the app for Imdb rated movies

Is cyberflix tv safe?

We have verified the apk file with Virustotal website and it shows that the file is clean and safe

Is cyberflix tv free?

Yes, the application is 100% free to use

What are the other apps like cyberflix?

There some apps out there which provide similar options as cyberflix. those are Cinema Apk and Unlockmytv

Can you download cyberflix on iPhone?

You can use older version of the cyberflix with your Iphone